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Owners who have paid in full the annual assessment for dues, special assessments, and any other applicable charges, or being current on an approved payment plan, will receive amenity badges for use of the amenities, vehicle access cards and/or other identification as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

Amenity Access Regulations

  1. It is the policy of the Association that all Property Owners, Renters or Guests be properly identified when using any of the Penn Estates facilities. The purpose of this is to:
    1. Ensure the use of all facilities is limited to Property Owners in good standing, bonafide Guests and Renters whose landlords are in good standing; and
    2. To provide adequate security and safety for the protection of the amenities and the persons using the amenities.
  2. Renters, so long as the homeowner is in good standing, may obtain amenity badges according to A, above.
  3. A Census Form must be completed and provided to the Administration office by February 15th of each year. The owner is responsible for updating the form when any changes occur, including but not limited to the sale or purchase of a vehicle, occupants of the home, etc. Failure to provide a completed Census Form may result in a fine established by the Board of Directors
  4. A member not in Good Standing by virtue of any financial delinquency or not in compliance with theDeclaration of Covenants, Bylaws, and Rules of the Association may not use the Recreational Facilities as a guest of a Member in Good Standing. Violation will result in a citation and fine.
    E. No resident of the community shall purchase or provide a guest pass for any other resident of the community that is not a member in good standing.
    The Owner will be issued such badges in accordance with the process as stated at the beginning of this section; all badges must be obtained prior to the usage of any amenities.
    F. Amenity badges must be worn in a visible location while using the amenities.
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