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  1. The Association recognizes that Property Owners will invite guests periodically, but the Association reserves the right to exercise control over the access to the community and the use of the facilities by these guests.
  2. Property Owners are liable for the behavior of guests while visiting Penn Estates. This includes adherence to all rules, including the motor vehicle rules, of the Association. Those who do not comply or attempt to circumvent PEPOA’s rules shall be subject to citations and/or fines. Ultimately, Property Owners are responsible for the payment of all fines incurred.
  3. Guests must enter through the Welcome Center at the Hallet Road entrance and will receive a vehicle access pass. [Cross reference Article III- Membership Identification and Access Control, Section (2) – Vehicle Access].
  4. All visitors and guests must be registered with the Association which shall be done by calling the Welcome Center at (570) 424-7047 or emailing
  5. Property Owners and Renters must identify any guest to the Welcome Center by verifying the guest’s full name, and the expected date and time of arrival. Guests whose identity cannot be verified with a photo ID shall not be admitted.” Rev; 7/11/14
  6. For homeowners or renters who have parties where an open pass is used, a complete guest list must be furnished to Administration and Security two (2) hours before the event. [Cross reference Article XIII Community Center Rental, # 11.] Rev; 4/10/15
  7. Guests will be issued a vehicle access pass which must be visibly displayed on their dashboard during their entire visit at Penn Estates.
  8. Owner or Renter with a valid amenity badge may purchase a daily pass or seasonal pass for guest(s) to use amenities. Resident with a valid amenity badge must remain with their guest while they use the amenities. [Cross reference Article III – Membership Identification and Access Control, Section (I) – Amenity Access].
  9. A Property Owner whose privileges have been suspended for any reason may not be a Guest of another Property Owner in the use and enjoyment of the amenities and facilities.
  10. Property Owners who do not comply with or attempt to circumvent these Rules for Guests subject themselves to possible citation and fines as outlined in the Article XXI – Schedule of Fines.
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