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  1. All Pennsylvania motor vehicle statutes and ordinances are to be strictly observed, as well as the rules of the Association. Any violation of these motor vehicle rules may result in a citation and a fine, and possible legal action.
  2. The speed limit on all Development roads is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted.
  3. Fleeing or attempting to elude a Public Safety Officer – When given a visual or audible signal to bring a vehicle to a stop, the driver of a motorized vehicle must bring his/her vehicle to a stop and shall not flee or attempt to elude a pursuing Public Safety Officer(s). The signal given by a Public Safety Officer may be given by hand, voice, emergency lights or siren. [Cross reference Article II – Rules for General Conduct, # 5].
  4. A “No Tolerance Speed Zone” exists along the Community Center properties along Penn Estates Drive, between Lansdale Drive and Mill Road, year-round from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The fine for violation of the Motor Vehicle Rules in the No Tolerance Zone will subject the offender to double the fine amount for speeds more than the posted 25 MPH.
  5. All motorists must stop when they encounter a stopped school bus with red signal lights flashing and stop
    arm extended. Additionally:

    1. Motorists must stop at least ten (10) feet away from the bus;
    2. Motorists must stop when approaching an intersection where a bus is stopped with red signal lights
      flashing and arm extended;
    3. Motorists must wait until the red lights have stopped and the arm has been withdrawn before moving;
    4. Motorists shall not move until all children have reached a place of safety.
  6. All motor vehicles shall be registered with the Commonwealth, and operators are to be licensed and insured. All motor vehicles must show current state inspection and registration when requested. No unlicensed/unregistered vehicles are permitted on PEPOA roads.
  7. All guest vehicles must display a vehicle access pass. [Cross reference Article V- Guest Policy, #3].
  8. The operation of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) is not permitted on any Penn Estates roads or in common areas. ATV’s with standard plow attachments may be used for snow removal on private lots and may be transported in the community via trailer only. Violations of these ATV restrictions shall subject the owner to a fine as outlined in the PEPOA Fee Schedule.
  9. The owner of any vehicle must take measures to assure that the noise emitted from vehicles shall not be a disturbance to the Development. The vehicle owner shall be subject to a citation and possible fine if the noise is deemed excessive. [Cross reference Article II – Rules for General Conduct, #4(B)]. If a vehicle cannot be operated without causing a noise disturbance, it may not be operated within Penn Estates.
  10. All contractors, real estate companies, and their employees may obtain a Contractor Pass from the Association. [Cross reference Article III – Membership Identification and Access Control, Section (2) – Vehicle Access, (F)].
  11. All motor vehicles belonging to an Owner or household member, or rental resident must be registered with the Administration Office. Vehicle access cards may be purchased for individuals on the Owner’s census form or a Rental Registration form, at a fee to be established by the Board. [Cross reference Article III – Membership Identification and Access Control, Section (2) – Vehicle Access, (L)].
  12. Vehicle access card owners must be present in vehicles registered to owners, renters or as guests, to access the community, although they need not be the driver. Under no circumstances is ‘pass back’ permitted. [Cross reference Article III – Membership Identification and Access Control, Section (2) – Vehicle Access, (O)].
  13. Vehicles approaching a stop sign must come to a complete stop before proceeding into the intersection.
    Rolling stops are not permitted.
  14. Battery operated wheelchairs/scooters used by physically challenged individuals registered with the
    Association, are authorized on Penn Estates roads.
  15. An appropriate helmet must be worn by children under the age of twelve (12) when riding a bicycle or
    scooter on the common areas. Helmets and pads are also suggested for skateboarders, roller skaters, and
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