Parking Regulations

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  1. Vehicles (including mopeds and motorcycles) may only be parked in designated areas at the pools, lakes and beaches, Community Center Complex and common areas.
  2. Persons launching boats will do so as quickly as possible and remove vehicle to a designated parking area.
  3. Bicycles shall be parked in the bicycle racks provided or in a designated parking area.
  4. Any vehicle parked on the roadway, which impedes vehicular traffic in any way, will be removed at the Property Owner’s expense.
  5. The Association shall not be responsible for any illegally parked vehicle. The owner will be solely responsible for any/all damages which may be incurred.
  6. No on-street parking, or parking in the right-of-way will be permitted unless authorized by Public Safety in writing.
  7. No standing or parking of any motor vehicle allowed near an intersection as follows:
    1. 30 feet before or after a stop sign, with or without a bus stop, and vehicles at bus stops must park on the right side only facing the intersection and bus stop. Rev. 9/1/14
    2. Within 20 feet of an intersection without a stop sign.
  8. A rule for regulating the parking and storage of commercial vehicles and equipment within the Community.
    1. No Commercial Vehicle may be parked or otherwise stored on any street, lot or designated parking area at any time unless being used in connection with delivering or picking up goods or providing interior services to the owner or resident of the property during the hours of 7 AM to 9 PM. For exterior work, see Rules and Regulations, Article XIX, Section 5(E), Work Schedules.
    2. Commercial Vehicles shall include any vehicle that is commercial in nature and not ordinarily kept or stored within a residential community. Unless otherwise dete1mined by the Board of Directors, Commercial Vehicles include, but are not limited to:
      1. Any vehicle
        1. With a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 14,000 lbs or
        2. greater than 25 feet in length;
      2. Irrespective of size or weight, any box truck, step van, dump truck, taxicab, bus, solid waste collection vehicle, tractor truck, tractor truck/semitrailer, tractor truck/trailer combination, dump truck, wrecker, concrete mixer, tow truck, trailer, semitrailer and any vehicle in which food or beverages are sold; and
      3. Irrespective of size or weight, any motorized construction equipment, including, but not limited to any motor scraper, backhoe, motor grader, compactor, excavator, tractor, trencher, roller, and bulldozer.
    3. The display of commercial signage and/or visible tools, equipment, materials or ladders does not constitute a Commercial Vehicle unless deemed offensive or obtrusive by the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion. Rev. 2/5/16
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