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  1. Property Owners wishing to rent their unoccupied home must first complete a Rental Registration form, available at the Administration Office and pay the rental registration fees as established by the Board.
  2. The Property Owner must complete a Rental Registration form which shall include, but not be limited to
    the following:

    1. Property Owners contact information and rental property address;
    2. Names of all persons in the rental party;
    3. Renter’s mailing address and contact phone numbers, providing an email address is recommended;
    4. Renter’s vehicle identification information for all vehicles on the property;
    5. The rental period; and
    6. An executed copy of the lease.
  3. The Landlord Rental Statement and Rental Registration forms will be mailed to the Property Owner
  4. The original and one (1) copy of the Rental Registration form, along with the rental registration fee, must be received at the Administration Office no later than five (5) days before the arrival of the Renter to avoid unnecessary delay in admitting the rental party.
  5. Previously unregistered Renters will be admitted upon showing their Rental Registration form and Lease Agreement at the Welcome Center.
  6. Property Owners must provide Renters with a copy of the Association’s Rules and Regulations, along with a map showing the location of the home.
  7. Renters must adhere to all Rules and Regulations of the Association. Failure to do so will subject the individual(s) to possible citations and fines as outlined in this document. Property Owners will ultimately be responsible for the Renter’s actions, and association dues, fees, and assessments, fines, insurance deductibles or any other charges levied to the homeowner’ s account. [Cross reference Declaration of Protective Covenants, # 12].
  8. Renters are entitled to use the common facilities only if the Property Owner is current on all fees.
  9. Property Owner relinquishes their right to use the facilities for the length of the lease, except as a Guest. Owners with more than one lot shall be able to use the facilities if at least one lot is not rented.
  10. Any home that is rented must be rented in its entirety and may not be occupied in any part by the Property Owner during the rental period.
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