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Trespassing is expressly prohibited. In addition to the front and rear gates, there are “No Trespassing” signs posted at the end of Pasquin Drive and Locust Drive, facing Hallet Road, to further reinforce restricted access at these points.

  1. Any person who cannot justify their presence in the Development will be detained, their identification verified and, if appropriate, escorted out of the development. If the same person or persons are detained a second time, they will be subject to prosecution for Defiant Trespass, under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  2. Any person acting suspiciously and found on a property, or in a common area, must be able to be identified as a guest of the Owner, or guest of anyone listed on the Owner or Renter’s census form. If the individual cannot justify their presence on the property, they will be detained until their identification can be verified. Violators will be subject to prosecution; additional charges of trespass may be filed by the property owner in their sole discretion.
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