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  1. A photo identification/vehicle access card will be issued to Property Owners in good standing and/or their renters upon application; the Board of Directors shall determine the fee for cards. No more than two (2)-deeded Property Owners may have their photo on one identification card. Upon a change of Property Owner status, the access control card will be deactivated in accordance with procedures established by the Board.
  2. Licensed drivers or adult household members may receive a vehicle access card at the Property Owner’s request, so long as the individual is listed on the Owner’s completed census form or Renter census form.
  3. A fee will be charged for each card as determined by the Board; any fee charged for a vehicle access cards is non-refundable.
  4. Guests, Visitors, and Renters may be issued a dated vehicle access pass, valid for a period not to exceed seven (7) days which is to be visibly displayed above the dashboard unless otherwise directed by Association personnel.
  5. Card Owners must be present in the vehicle if their card is being used to access the gate system.
  6. A member not in Good Standing by virtue of any financial delinquency or not in compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, and Rules of the Association may not be issued a gate card connected to a property of a Member in Good Standing. Violation will result in a citation and fine.
  7. An annual Contractor Pass card may be issued to contractors, realtors, and other service professionals who routinely access the community. A fee, as established by the Board of Directors, will be charged. Contractor passes will be limited to specific time access in accordance with the community work hours. [Cross reference Article XIX – Property Development, Building Codes and Improvement Rules, Section (5) – Contractor Requirements, (E) – Work Schedules]. All contractors must be registered to a property. Contractors with multiple vehicles will also be required to provide a vehicle registration for each vehicle.
  8. Governmental, public service agencies and school districts may be issued complimentary vehicle access cards upon the approval of the Board of Directors or their designee with no photo identification.
  9. Lost or stolen vehicle access cards must be reported to the Administration Office as soon as possible to ensure the card is de-activated. Lost or stolen cards may be replaced, and Property Owners charged a fee as established by the Board of Directors. Defective cards will be replaced at no charge.
  10. Cardholders may request a photo replacement or update for a fee, as established by the Board of Directors.
  11. Any/all vehicle access card registered to a property may be deactivated for the following:
    1. Non-payment of dues and/or assessments thirty (30) days after payment is due; and
    2. Non-payment of fines forty-five (45) days after payment is due.
  12. A fee, as established by the Board of Directors, may be charged to deactivate and/or reactivate a photo
    identification/vehicle access card.
  13. Any Property Owner or any individual entitled under the rules to receive a vehicle access card is encouraged to do so. If such person(s) desire not to have their photo taken and entered into the computer database or attached to the access card, they may obtain a non-photo access card. A photo ID shall be presented for examination and photocopying and will be held in the Property Owner’s file. This copy will only be used to determine the ownership of the access card. Property Owners or Renters who refuse to provide photo identification will not be eligible to receive to a vehicle access card and will be required to comply with the procedures below.
  14. Entry to the community for those without vehicle access cards shall only be through the front gate Welcome Center entrance at Hallet Road.
  15. Tampering with any gate, and/or trespass or ‘piggy back’ to gain entry is prohibited and punishable by citation and fine as stated in the Schedule of Fines, Article XXI of this document.
  16. Pass back of a valid access card to another vehicle is prohibited.
    1. The Owner of the property to which the access card was issued, regardless of whether the card owner is a Property Owner or Renter, shall incur a fine as stated in Article XXI, Schedule of Fines in this
      document if a pass back occurs.
    2. If either of the vehicles entering is not properly registered with the Association, and not displaying
      proper vehicle identification, an additional fine shall be incurred.
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