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As we all know, we are in the midst of a situation never before encountered.

We have responded to this COVID-19 pandemic as directed from the PA Governor’s orders and CDC guidance in order to minimize the risk of exposure to our staff and the community. In recent days we have had a number of concerned members contact Management asking for us to restrict access to Penn Estates by members and guests from out of town to include renters.



This is what we know at this time:


·         Penn Estates has no legal basis for banning renters. First, there must be legal authority for such actions in our governing documents. Unfortunately, our governing documents are silent on this issue.

·         State or Federal actions would empower us to act. To date, the government have stopped short of these actions.

·         Many of our members have relocated to their vacation home here in Penn Estates to shelter in place with us and work from home. There are many Members whose primary residence is in NY, NJ or Philadelphia area.


We are just as concerned about this as you are. We do believe that if everyone shelters in place as directed, the risk of exposure is reduced.


Here is what we are doing:

·         We are reaching out to all renting members asking them to focus on the greater good by limiting rentals while the Governor’s shelter in place order is in effect.

·         We are asking Members to limit visitations by guests

·         We have instructed our Public Safety to ask people to return to their homes if/when they are congregating in public spaces, to promote social distancing and not allowing groups to congregate.

·         We have closed the Community Center, Welcome Center, Fitness Center, Recreation Center, Administrative Building, and all other public areas in accordance with the Governor’s directive as well as the removal of basketball hoops.

·         We are staying vigilant and informed and are prepared to act as circumstances change.


Lastly, to respond to some Member’s comments, we cannot assume that an out of state license plate belongs to a renter as it could be a homeowner or family member/friend of a member.


Senator Scavello has requested any advertisements found of short-term rentals be sent to him, and he will forward it to the State Police. Please screenshot any advertisements and send to Senator Scavello at We much appreciate Senator Scavello’s assistance.


We believe that with education and information, we can combat this situation together.


We want to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation and support as we traverse this situation.


We hope you and your family remain safe throughout this major health challenge.


Phyllis Haase

Community Manager

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