PEPOA Covid-19 Information

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Dear members of the Association,

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your families. It continues to be a particularly challenging time, with considerable emotional, physical, and existential challenges for us all. All of us have had to rapidly change how we work, socialize, and function within changing times, and today we are faced with more changes.

While we all were experiencing a certain feeling of returning to normal, this pos is aimed to draw particular attention to the response of the positivity rate for Monroe County, returning to a high level.

As per the Associations’ Covid-19 Response Opening Plan and the positivity rate that Monroe County is currently facing, the Association requires immediate changes that will take place effective today, May 23, 2022.

  1. All individuals coming into Association facilities must wear a mask.
  2. Social distancing is to be practiced at all Association common areas.
  3. All indoor events are suspended until further notice.
  4. Clubhouse rentals are not permitted.

Outdoor events will be permitted.

Additionally, if you have an oak room rental, the Association’s Pavilion or Penn Terrace Deck is an option for you and your guests. Please contact the administration office at 570-421-4265 to discuss the options for your reservation.

On an individual level, each of us can keep this in mind, and as many of us have already been doing, focusing on basic hand hygiene and social distancing, helping people to identify their own risk factors, practicing self-isolate if you are identified as high risk, and ensuring you have the compassion to all that you encounter.  This includes our staff that you encounter that are fulfilling their job duties and responsibilities and carrying out their tasks as per our policy.

We will continue to monitor the positivity rate and update the membership when the positivity rates change.

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