Pool Reservation Portal

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Pool Reservation Portal – Pool Opening Monday, June 22

Members in good standing and long term tenants may reserve swim times by accessing our website and clicking on the “Pool Reservation” tab on the dashboard. Reservations are limited to 1 per day per account, a maximum of 6 persons in each booking, and must be made 24 hours in advance. A maximum of 3 sessions can be booked by one account per week. If the reservation holder does not arrive within 15 mins of the scheduled time slot, their time is forfeited.

All reservations are pending until an approval confirmation is received from Administration. A waiver is required to access the pool. Please print this waiver, sign it, and bring it with you.

Those reserving time slots must be a member in good standing. Prior to entry to the pool, the following will occur at each visit: present 2020 amenity badge, sanitize hands, sign a wavier (a parent or guardian must sign for those under the age of 18), and temperature will be taken and logged. All entering the pool area must wear a mask unless the guest is in the pool.

Those that have short term rental properties, the owner must book the reservation, and the short term guest must present a seasonal pass at the gate for each attendee in addition to the above mention requirements before entry.

It is important to emphasize that each of us is responsible for our own safety and for the safety of those that are dependent on us. We cannot guarantee that even with these guidelines in place that the virus may be present, and you may be at risk. We will continue to ask each of you to do your part and to cooperate with the staff at all times.

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