Relocation of the Highland Lake Boat Racks

 In General

Relocation of the Highland Lake Boat Racks

Please be advised Penn Estates will be relocating the boat racks approximately 200 feet further down the shoreline.

We ask those that have not rented space for the 2021 season to remove their boat or kayak no later than Tuesday, May 11, to prevent being charged a removal fee.

The Rules and Regulations speak to the following:

Boat Removal – Boats must be removed from the racks no later than November 1 of each year. Any boats not removed by November 1 will be removed by PEPOA; locks will be cut and destroyed, and a removal fee of $50 must be paid to retrieve it. Return of boats to resident’s property is the responsibility of the boat owner/resident. PEPOA will not provide transport.  Any boat(s) not retrieved by the owner after 90 days and written notice will be disposed of at the discretion of PEPOA.

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