A message from the Manager

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Message from the Manager


We are halfway through the winter season, and I would like to share some bright spots regarding our association, some of our 2024 planned projects, and a few currently undergoing improvements.


Community Projects:


The Board of Directors and management plan and budget annually for community improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. The following list of projects is provided as an overview of the expenses incurred by the POA to maintain community amenities. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it provide full project details. Residents may learn more about these and other projects by attending board meetings, the budget work sessions or contacting the Community Manager at PhyllisHaase@pepoa.org


2024 Stormwater Management Improvement

As it was announced to the membership a few weeks ago, there is a stormwater runoff concern at the Cranberry Gate. Development changes the natural flow of water across the landscape. Construction of new buildings typically reduces infiltration and increases stormwater runoff, which leads to flashy flows in the area.

The association has been in discussion with Stroud Township and Monroe County Conservation District to bring forth our concerns. The inlet at Penn Estates Drive and Cranberry Road intersection will remain in place, with an additional inlet installed by the Township in 2024.

Onsite improvements include two additional inlets, two swales adjacent to Penn Estates Drive outbound lane, concrete curbing, stormwater pipe, and structures, milling 2″ of pavement base course above the stormwater trench, and installing new pavement. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-spring.


Gate Access Points:

The front gate owner-side access point has failed. The four vendors involved in the gates’ functionality continue to access the problem, which is not allowing the systems to speak to one another. Multiple components have been replaced with hopes that would fix the problem as the worst-case scenario is a failed wirer underground.


New Recreational Amenities for 2024

Adding a “Picinic Grove” adjacent to the Lower Twin Lake and an outdoor stage at the Sports Complex will allow for “Concerts in the Park” and additional outdoor entertainment.


Community Center and Office Building

Both the community center and office buildings require regular maintenance and upkeep. From plumbing to HVAC systems to new roofs, these buildings are routinely worked on to keep them in service to the community. Most work is of the repair and replacement variety; however, the board looks for opportunities to improve the facilities whenever possible. Due to age, the 30-year-old patio doors at the back of the Community Center, which have allowed water to encroach in the area during heavy rains, will be replaced with windows, allowing more light to shine in the area. We are looking at different uses for the area, including but not limited to a library.


Generator Project:

The installation of a 130Kw generator, which will power the Recreation Center and Community Center during power outages, allowing the association to offer warming and cooling stations for our members, will commence in early Spring.


Community Pool

The pool also requires ongoing service and repair, from lifeguards who maintain the water quality and cleanliness to maintenance staff who take on more extensive repairs. Regular upkeep keeps unexpected pool costs to a minimum. The lap pool is scheduled to be painted, and a protective “white coat” finish will be applied to the concrete pool this spring.


As the Community Manager, I want to hear back from our members. Please share your ideas on how we can improve the events being offered to the membership and what new amenities or improvements you would like to see implemented.


As always, wishing you and your family health and happiness in the coming year.


Phyllis Haase

Community Manager

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