PEPOA Administration

Welcome to the Penn Estates Administration office! We welcome you to leave your comments and suggestions with us. Please note that we have additional features planned – Thanks for visiting!

Board of Directors

  • Jose Padilla
    Jose Padilla President

    Term Ends: May, 2020

  • Sean Reilly
    Sean Reilly Director

    Term Ends:  May, 2022

  • Sandra Bonet
    Sandra Bonet Secretary

    Term Ends: May, 2020

  • Christine Morton
    Christine Morton Treasurer

    Term Ends: May, 2021

  • Gary Conforte
    Gary Conforte Director

    Term Ends: May, 2020

  • Bettyanne Nevil
    Bettyanne Nevil Vice President

    Term Ends: May, 2020

  • Dennis Sira
    Dennis Sira Director

    Term Ends: May, 2021

  • David Montalvo
    David Montalvo Director

    Term Ends: May, 2021

  • MaryAnn Rodriguez
    MaryAnn Rodriguez Director

    Term Ends:  May, 2020

Community Management

  • Phyllis Haase
    Phyllis Haase Community Manager

    (570) 421-4265

  • Shawn Caron
    Shawn Caron Director of Operations

    (570) 421-4265