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  1. Property Owners in good standing are permitted to reserve the Community Center for private functions. Reservations are on first come first paid basis. Events of the Association or its Committees shall have priority. A Rental Application shall be completed at the Administration Office; rental and deposit fees shall be payable with the submission of the rental form.
  2. The Property Owner shall be responsible for unacceptable behavior, actions, and damages caused by Guests. Children must be supervised at all times. [Cross reference Article II- Rules for Conduct].
  3. The closing time of all events shall be no later than 1: 00 am. All activities including cleanup must be completed by that time.
  4. No helium balloons or other decorations that can float to ceiling are allowed. The cleanup deposit will not be returned if helium balloons are used.
  5. No tacks or staples may be used for decorating. Only masking (not transparent tape) is permissible.
  6. The rental of the Oak Room does not include the use of equipment or supplies except as specified in the agreement, as approved and initialed. Use of Association equipment without permission shall subject individuals to forfeiture of their deposit and possibly other additional charges.
  7. Use of the kitchen and stove is available; however, only PEPOA staff may light the stove. Any kitchen equipment requested will require inventorying before and after each event. All equipment must be cleaned and returned to its original location at the end of each event; rentals are requiring the use of kitchen will be charged an additional fee.
  8. No ice shall be deposited in the bar cooler; it is for cooling beverages only.
  9. Clean up shall include removal of decorations,, consolidating trash into trash bags to be deposited in designated locations. All areas must be cleaned of litter, spills and food products.
  10. The clean-up deposit will be held to ensure the restoration of the building and equipment to the condition before its rental, less normal wear. In the event of excess wear, the clean-up deposit will not be refunded. Post-event inspection of the building will occur the day following the event, before the release of the deposit.
  11. A complete guest list must be furnished to Administration and Public Safety one week before the event. Patties with guests of 50 people will be required to an-ange, at an additional cost, a Public Safety Officer for the length of their event. Each increment of 50 people requires an additional Public Safety Officer (i.e., 100 people require two officers).
  12. In the event, a group exceeds the maximum room occupancy of 167 people, Management or its Designee may immediately end the event.
  13. As part of the rental process, a Certificate of Insurance is required naming Penn Estates Property Owners Association as an Additional Insured on a policy of liability insurance in a minimum amount of $100,000 for injury to one person, $300,000 aggregate and $100,000 property damage liability. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to ensure the proper insurance has been provided to the Association within ten days of rental; failure to do so may result in cancellation of the event.
  14. PEPOA employees may rent the Community Center for the same terms and cost charged PEPOA volunteers.
  15. The Association is not responsible for personal articles left in the Community Center.
  16. The Community Center is a NO SMOKING AREA. Smoking is only allowed outside the building. Please
    deposit cigarette butts in the containers provided.
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