Pool Rules

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  1. Guests with owners in good standing shall pay guest fees to use the amenity. [Cross reference Article III – Membership Identification and Access Control, Section (A) – Amenity Access, #2].
  2. No one is permitted in the pool enclosure except during scheduled hours and only when lifeguards are on
  3. The pool staff may close the pool during scheduled hours for reasons of safety, weather or maintenance.
  4. No running, dunking, pushing or other horseplay will be permitted. Always enter the pool with caution.
  5. No china, glassware, smoking or beverages (except water in plastic containers) of any kind is permitted in the pool enclosure.
  6. Food is permitted in designated areas only, and not to be consumed in the bathing areas. Proper trash receptacles are provided and should be used accordingly.
  7. Children under fourteen (14) years of age are not permitted in the pools or pool enclosure unless accompanied by a responsible person fifteen (15) years of age or older who shall be responsible for the child’s behavior and conformance to all pool rules. The responsible person(s) must remain at the pool facility with any/all children under fourteen (14) at all times. Rev; 6/14/16
  8. Children who are not toilet trained must use plastic pants or swim diapers. Children wearing non-swim diapers are not permitted in the pool.
  9. No diving will be permitted in the shallow end, or off the sides of the pool. No flips, back dives or other similar types of actions will be permitted.
  10. Only appropriate swim attire may be worn in the pool. Street clothes, underwear or cut-offs are not allowed. The pool staff shall enforce compliance with this rule.
  11. Deep-water areas of the pool are limited to individuals who can swim the width of the pool satisfactorily. Qualification is at the discretion of the pool staff and verification may be requested at any time.
  12. No sitting or hanging on ropes and no swinging on ladders will be permitted.
  13. Gum chewing is not permitted in the pool enclosure.
  14. Only radios equipped with and used with headphones or ear buds shall be allowed in the enclosed pool area.
  15. Flotation devices, scuba and skin diving equipment, are prohibited in the pool and beach areas unless
    permission has been granted by the pool staff.
  16. No articles of any kind may be thrown into the pool unless approved in advance by the pool staff.
  17. The primary responsibility of the pool staff is the safety of the swimmers. They have the authority to remove anyone in violation of the rules from the pool for any portion of the day or longer. Chronic pool offenders may be suspended for a day, week, season or any portion thereof, and subject to other action or a citation and a fine, depending on the circumstances.
  18. Pools and lakes will be cleared for 30 minutes upon hearing thunder. An additional 30 minutes will be added for each thunder clap. In the event of lightning, the pools, pool deck, lakes, and beaches must be vacated and remain empty for 45 minutes after the last lightning strike.
  19. Socializing with or distracting the pool staff while they are on duty is prohibited. No loitering or congregating will be allowed around the lifeguard or guard stand.
  20. Personal lounges and chairs are permitted in the pool enclosure at the discretion of the pool staff, but may not be stored in the pool area. Association owned lounges and chairs are available on a first come first served basis.
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