Entry into the Community

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The association began to see an influx of traffic during the onset of Covid, with people from New York and surrounding metro areas relocating to Monroe County and purchasing homes in our community. Some members that used Penn Estates as a second home community elect to spend more time in the Poconos, and some have now deemed Penn Estates their primary residence. We also saw an increase in Short Term Rentals.

Along with those changes, a concern related to additional traffic entering the community through the back gate was being monitored.

The board, at their February 9 meeting, made the following motion for the safety of our residents:

Effective May 1, 2023, all initial registration for entry into PEPOA must occur at the Welcome Center or front gate kiosk.

Once a paper pass is issued, the back gate may be used. There will be no paper passes issued at the back entrance.

Deliveries may still enter through the back gate.

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