Highland Lake and Upper Twin Lake Boat Racks

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Highland Lake and Upper Twin Lake Boat Racks

Members wishing to secure a boat slot may register their vessel beginning February 22, 2023, and spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost for the season from April 1-November 1 is $25.00 per slot. All vessels must be registered with the association prior to using the lakes.


Rules and Regulations:

Improper Boat Storage – Absolutely no boats are to be store along the shoreline of any lake; dam; levy or spillway. No boats may be left on the water. Both registered and unregistered boats found to be improperly stored will be immediately removed at the owner’s expense. A removal fee of $50 must be paid to retrieve it. Return of boats to resident’s property is the responsibility of the boat owner/resident. PEPOA will not provide transport. Any boat(s) not retrieved by the owner after 90 days and written notice will be disposed of at the discretion of PEPOA.

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