Impending Snow Storm

 In Maintenance, Public Safety

Penn Estates POA has been watching the weather as our area over the 72+ hours is expected to see various levels of precipitation. This includes rain, ice and snow which is all determined by the temperatures. With the mix of temperatures and precipitation electrical outages may occur. Please be prepared and remember under no circumstances to bring a generator into your home or garage due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Please take steps to be prepared for the incoming weather including de-icing material, shovels, water, shelf stable food, blankets, gloves, etc.

Please stay off the roads as much as possible. Individuals are not permitted to park a vehicle in the roadway or in the easement under any circumstances. Vehicles will be ticketed. By doing this you are delaying the plowing of your road for your neighbors.

Do not plow, shovel or snow-blow snow back into the roadway, this is not permitted and is dangerous.

The Maintenance Department is prepared and will be out. With snow and ice falling at a high rate of speed it is treacherous and the crews will continue to keep our roadways as clear as possible under the conditions.

Please be cautious, stay safe and warm.

The Association thanks you for your cooperation

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