Speed Limit Change

 In From the Board, Public Safety

The Board has reviewed concerns and complaints from resident’s regarding vehicles speeding on Penn Estates Drive, and what some feel is a lack of enforcement to those that violate our regulations.  They also reviewed concerns of double fines in a “No Tolerance Zone” which some feel is confusing as to when the speed limit changes from 35 mph to 25 mph.

The Board has listened to your concerns and took action to address the safety of all.  The speed limit on all roads within Penn Estates will be 25 mph (weather permitting).  The “No Tolerance Zone” has been removed from our Rules and Regulations. The change of speed limit will go into effect January 2, 2019.

The transition period will allow unit owners time to notify their guests and service providers of the change. The signage that spoke to “No Tolerance Zone and 35 MPH was removed on December 13, 2018.

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