Clap Hands Because We Care

 In General
If you’re looking to do something to help all of the health care workers and other essential employees during the coronavirus pandemic – clap your hands Friday night.

“Clap Because We Care” has become a movement around the country and overseas and it’s coming to Penn Estates Friday evening at 7 p.m.

People across the Commonwealth are asked to go the front steps of their home or open a window at 7 and clap for about five minutes for anyone who has to work out in the public during the crisis and risk getting the virus.
Individuals around the world have been showing their support with the simple gesture from the confines of their homes. Now it’s our turn Penn Estates—let’s come together as a Community on Friday at 7 PM (and every Friday after that) to rally and cheer for our heroes.
When we stand together, we’re stronger together!

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